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  • It is challenging to explore the hidden adventures of India, and when it comes to the most mysterious places, then the Himalayas is the name which strikes everybody’s mind. There are numerous secret destinations hidden inside the Himalayas which you must visit to experience peace and nature. These destinations will take you far away from the crowded tourist places, and you can shout there, and nobody will listen except mountains or ranges of Himalayas. So, let us have a quick tour of the hidden adventures of Himalayas together.

    1 Kokernag, Jammu, and Kashmir

    It is located in the valley of Breng in district Anantnag. This place is like Paradise on earth and also a perfect destination for couples who are seeking for a calm and quiet place to being with each other. Even far from the crowdy and busy life of cities you can visit for a peaceful holiday.

    Center Attraction – The gardens of Kokernag are awesome to let you lost in love. Especially in the spring season, you can experience adorable flowers. It is advisable to visit the place from April to June to experience the magical sprays of crimson. There are no Luxurious hotels or residents available in the city, but still, you can find good and comfortable places to spend your holidays.

    How to Reach: You can find buses from Srinagar, or you can hire a Taxi as well.

    2 Kupwara Jammu and Kashmir

    Kupwara is situated in Baramulla district near POK borders. Its alpine mountains, gushing streams, and lush green meadows will just sparkle your eyes. The beauty of the place is also great for the honeymoon destination. This place is known as the gem of Jammu and Kashmir and at the list of top escapes to the Himalayas.

    Central Attraction - the friendly nature of the natives will never let you feel that you are outside the home. There are many different home cottages which you can rent for you or your family to spend greenish holidays. This is the most loved scenic place of the Himalayas and its historical sites will add beauty to this place. At the time of winters, you can also experience the Snowfall.

    How to reach: There are roadways connected from Srinagar to reach the city.

    3 Pangot Uttarakhand

    This place is just 15 Km away from Uttrakhand which managed to stay behind the mountains from long. This is one of the amazing places for people who love nature and also a fantastic destination for bird watchers.

    Central Attraction – The whole area is surrounded by the forests, so don’t miss a drive to the forests. Also, you can camp in Pangot, especially during the winter season.

    How to reach: Pangot is just an hour away from Nainital and you can easily catch up with this beautiful place via road.

    4 Tawang Arunachal Pradesh

    If you want to visit monasteries, then Tawang should be your call. You can visit this place to experience Buddhism because one of the monasteries of the town is Dalai Lama’s birthplace.

    Central Attraction: Apart from Monasteries you can also visit many lakes nearby the city. This place is best to visit from March to September. In the times of winter, this place is covered with the blanket of snow.

    How to reach: You can easily hire a taxi or Bus to visit the town.

    5 Mashobra, Himachal Pradesh

    Mashobra is just half how far from Shimla. The town is blessed with the colorful orchards, strawberry fields, and high Himalayan cedars. This is one of the silent places of Himalayas; you cannon find any shout of vendors or tourist crowds.

    Central Attraction: At the time of winter you can find the place covered with snow and adorned by the sun. You can do camping here in the summer season. And also you can hire private cottages to experience the wanderlust. At the time of summers, you can visit the town from March to November, and if you want to experience snow, then you may visit the town from December to February.

    How to each: You can easily catch-up with the town through roadways from Shimla.

    Apart from peace all the places also famous for trekking of you visit them in the summer season. People also trek from Shimla to Mahobra through forests and hills. If you want to know more about the Himalayas, then share with us.